Small safe group on a Tour DeVine helicopter ride

As tasting rooms begin to open, we are ready to fly you to the wine with even more safety procedures in place for a clean and enjoyable flight.

Willamette Valley wineries will reopen with extra precautions in place this summer, and Tour DeVine will also be implementing a variety of precautionary measures during our helicopter flights to provide a safer wine tasting experience during this time.

Take a look to see what we are doing to continue to keep you safe and healthy!


New Procedures for Our Heli Wine Tours

We’ve made several adjustments during Covid-19 such as limiting our total tours, group sizes, and schedules to ensure we have time for extra cleaning. See the specifics below, and if you have additional questions please reach out to us!


Tour Group Specifics:

  • We can accommodate 4 groups per day, reduced to allow time for sanitizing the aircraft between tours.
  • The maximum number of people per tour will be 4 to keep groups small.
  • We’re no longer selling bookings per seat, you must book a whole group tour.
  • No more than 10-15 people allowed in the lobby at any time, we’ve adjusted our itineraries to allow for this change.


Tour Schedule & Wineries:

  • Tours will only be flying on Fridays and Saturdays, see our updated tour schedule for specific tours you can book.
  • We will be monitoring which of our Oregon Willamette Valley tasting room partners are planning to reopen, what precautions they’ll be taking, and removing any from our tours if necessary.


Precautions on the Helicopter:

  • Face masks are not required but if you choose to wear a mask, it must completely wrap around your head.
  • Masks will be provided upon request.
    • Our helicopter pilots will not be wearing a mask as it’s a safety concern for operating machinery.
  • For safety purposes, all passengers will wear a headset when onboard the aircraft. Microphones will not be available during this time.


Tasting Room Guidelines:

You can also see our general FAQ for relevant tour related information.


Booking Your Helicopter Wine Tour

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our efforts to create a safe and comfortable experience, please let us know. We are here to serve you and look forward to having you join us on a helicopter wine tour!

See our updated 2020 tour schedule and book your group tour today.